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Various C tools and libraries by me.

All comments are welcome; don't hesitate to email me (apoelstra@wpsoftware.net) with bugs or missing features.

ADL - Advanced Diagnostic Library

This isn't actually that advanced so far, but it serves my purposes very well. The latest available version can be downloaded here. All of my major libraries (of which there is so far none) require this library.


Updated 12/08/06. ioutils contains various functions for IO, especially reading text files. The function gets_ws() reads characters until it hits whitespace (and has a few more features documented in the source), skip_white() reads characters until it hits non-whitespace, and gets_tv() is a very useful function for reading configuration files. I haven't included a header as there was nothing special in it, but the source file is available.


Stands for Try to Allocate, this is a wrapper for malloc that will attempt to allocate a certain amount of memory, but if it can't will settle for less and inform the caller. If it ever fails, you have some serious memory issues. Source here.


This was a quick hack I put together because it took me less time to code it than to find a proper password generator. For now you need to recompile whenever you change the parameters. However, it isn't dependant on ASCII or anything stupid like that, so it's not a half-bad tool. Here's the source.

Dynamic Buffer Library

This is a couple of functions written in compliant C99 that will allow you to create and maintain a dynamic buffer of any object you please (limited to one object type per buffer). It doesn't have functions to check the buffer size, but these can be easily added if you need the functionality. The buffer that is created can be accessed using normal array syntax. Download the tar.gz here.

French Verb Conjugater

Basically, this tool will accept the infinitive of any French verbs of the 1st, 2nd or 4th conjugations and output several verb forums. It was more of a quick getting-back-into-C project than anything useful, although a few of my school buddies have offered me substantial sums of money for it. Download here. The file contains the C source file and a non-comprehensive file of irregular verbs. Reflexive verbs are not supported.

Wordsearch Solver

This is a useful tool for school, at least in classes where teachers think that wordsearches are a teaching method. The source and a sample puzzle are included here.

Budget spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet I put together to manage finances on an annual basis. There is a substantial amount of code, and it is complex enough to warrant a PDF with instructions. The spreadsheet in Excel 97 XLS format and instruction file is available as a ZIP.

Notes on the code

All of the code on this site is public domain, and may be freely used, distributed, modified, or done whatever with. Common decency dictates that you leave my name intact whenever possible (when you've made slim to no modifications), so I kindly ask for that.