[][src]Trait secp256k1::Context

pub unsafe trait Context: Sealed {
    const FLAGS: c_uint;
    const DESCRIPTION: &'static str;

    unsafe fn deallocate(ptr: *mut u8, size: usize);

A trait for all kinds of Context's that Lets you define the exact flags and a function to deallocate memory. It shouldn't be possible to implement this for types outside this crate.

Associated Constants

const FLAGS: c_uint

Flags for the ffi.

const DESCRIPTION: &'static str

A constant description of the context.

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Required methods

unsafe fn deallocate(ptr: *mut u8, size: usize)

A function to deallocate the memory when the context is dropped.

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impl Context for All[src]

impl Context for SignOnly[src]

impl Context for VerifyOnly[src]

impl<'buf> Context for AllPreallocated<'buf>[src]

impl<'buf> Context for SignOnlyPreallocated<'buf>[src]

impl<'buf> Context for VerifyOnlyPreallocated<'buf>[src]

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